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Ear Candling

What is Ear Candling?

Many people suffer from blocked ears, constantly ringing ears or glue ear. Many of our children complain of swimmers ear, leading to headaches, feeling like there is water trapped. The solution can be as simple as an Ear Candling treatment.

For hundreds of years the American Hopi Indian tribes used the gentle art of Ear Candling, known today as “Thermography” to cleanse the ears.

The basic technique involves the use of a hollow candle, which looks like a thick straw. The candle is saturated in 100% beeswax and contains a blend of herbs which, release a gentle vapour when the candle is lit to soothe and calm the ear and arrest any infection that may be harboured inside the ear.

One end of the candle is placed in the opening of the ear and then the other end is lit. The flame creates a vacuum, which gently draws the excess wax up the stem of the candle so that there is no mess and no risk to the client.  The body will release only old dirty wax and quickly replace it with clean wax, which is easily identified by its honey colour.

Ear Candling is ideal for removing decayed and polluted wax, Candida (yeast infection) or fungal infections lodged in the auditory canal.

Children are particularly susceptible to ear infections because the inside of their auditory canal is horizontal. Ear Candling may be beneficial for toddlers to give instant relief from the symptoms of congestion, earache and the discomfort that accompanies teething, colds and flu.

Ear Candling may help with the symptoms of sinus, “glue” ear, hearing difficulties, allergies, earache, tinnitus, headache, “swimmer's” ear, stress, anxiety and depression.

We recommend that ear candling is only carried out by certified ear candling practitioners. We have two certified practitioners at the Harmony Centre who will first take a history then examine your ear canals with an otoscope and will advise on the contraindications for ear candling before proceeding.

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